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Xeeva Announces Procurement Platform Upgrade For Suppliers

Xeeva, a Michigan company that provides a platform that uses technology and human expertise to connect consumers with suppliers, announced an upgrade to its Marketplace offering, according to a press release.

“To accelerate the data-to-savings value journey for our clients, suppliers can now either self-register or be recommended to by our customers — so that they can quickly connect and collaborate to develop improved win-win relationships, adjust their interactions to the COVID economy impacts, and facilitate their individual digital transformations,” Xeeva Chief Product Officer Robert Anson said in the release.

“We see both customers and suppliers needing faster ways to adjust their business posture in response to recent market dynamics (COVID, supply locality changes, shortages), so enabling trading partners to connect, share and collaborate quickly is key to continuity, value release and strategic business health as global dynamics continue to change,” he added.

Xeeva provides data to help guide customers through purchasing and what the company described in the release as “intelligent guided buying for managing complex procurement operations.”

The upgrades to Marketplace include features to help customers steer their purchases toward women-, veteran- and minority-owned businesses; help customers identify certifications suppliers have received; show customers where potential suppliers have headquarters and branch operations; and make it easier for buyers to get the best deals from suppliers through programs such as auctions, according to the release.

In January, Montreal’s Lightspeed unveiled a product the company called the Lightspeed Supplier Network for North America. The offering was designed in part to help small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) move to demand-focused inventory models.

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Lightspeed Founder and CEO Dax Dasilva said at the time: “This new tool enables independent businesses to discover new products, more easily sell online and make better use of their capital to strategically increase order frequency.”

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