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Wine Ambassador Lets Airbnb Hosts Offer Wine Club Benefits

Wine Ambassador has debuted a new platform for Airbnb hosts to offer exclusive fine wines and earn extra money, a press release says.

Wine Ambassador, which is based in Napa, California, offers members access to an exclusive wine club for a small monthly fee.

“Airbnb hosts are using the wine club to peak interest and give visitors access to something unique — which in this case is an upscale fine wine experience. If the renters like the wine and want to get access to the club, they can simply scan a QR code provided at the property for promoting the exclusive wine club. When renters opt in, the owners generate income,” President Brett Hudson explained.

Those who are members of Wine Ambassador’s club get access to wines delivered to their doorstep along with details about the wines and winemaker, and how to get the most out of every bottle.

With the new partnership, Airbnb hosts will be able to make commissions on new wine club members, joining the ranks of wine ambassadors who fall into categories like people running side businesses or yacht owners offering the club to their guests, or restauranteurs who want their guests to have the opportunity to try different wines.

Airbnb also announced that it would be keeping its ban on parties in effect for now. The ban was originally put in place in August 2020, and was intended to prohibit large gatherings at Airbnb properties. But with the lifting of many pandemic restrictions, the vacation rental company said it would be keeping the party ban for at least the entirety of summer 2021.

The company said it would be looking into lifting the ban at the end of the summer.

With that ban, Airbnb also worked on encouraging users to behave responsibly, taking away the event search feature and any host house rules indicating that parties and events would be allowed.

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