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Volocopter Partners with Urban Movement Labs

Urban air mobility pioneer Volocopter is teaming up with Urban Movement Labs (UML) in Los Angeles to explore air mobility in the LA area.

Christian Bauer, Volocopter’s chief commercial officer, said that collaborating with UML offers a “great entryway” to bring Volocopter’s UAM services to the U.S.

“By leading the conversation about urban air mobility with broad stakeholders in Los Angeles, Volocopter can strategically identify and address how our services can benefit cities in the country,” Bauer said.

A subcategory of advanced air mobility, urban air mobility aims to understand how alternate aircrafts traverse throughout urban areas. Volocopter is in the process of creating its own electric vertical take-off and landing aircrafts, with an eventual goal of 100% electric commercial transportation of people and merchandise.

Clint Harper, Urban Air Mobility Fellow with UML, said that Volocopter’s collaboration with UML is an indication of its commitment to understanding how they can improve mobility in LA.

“Partnerships like this are an important step in launching this innovative industry with community in mind,” he said.

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