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Vizient Debuts Healthcare Supply Chain Help

Vizient has rolled out a new product to boost the strength of healthcare supply chains, per an announcement, via its partners. The product will offer visibility supplier manufacturing and distribution sites.

The product will also help monitor events that may impact operations as well as risk management services for essential supplies. The technology-enabled platform will help with Vizient members and suppliers with demand forecasting, real-time inventory availability and disruption alerts for logistics management.

Vizient offers healthcare services including things like expertise, analytics and advisory services—all in an effort to improve patient outcomes and decrease costs.

“The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated a historical weakness in the U.S. health care supply chain — a lack of transparency and predictability between suppliers and providers,” said David Gillan, senior vice president, Emerging Solutions and Supplier Engagement for Vizient. “The Vizient resilience solution set has been developed to address these issues head on so trading partners across the supply chain are sharing information at a deeper level, and in real time, which will elevate overall performance and flexibility.”

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The platform is made up of three components. One is supplier pedigree data, which has to do with the provider and supplier community adopting and utilizing supplier data standards. That involves collecting and maintaining information onsite of the locations of major manufacturing, distribution or critical raw materials sites.

Critical supplies management services manages risk regarding the critical supply lists as well as monitoring disruptive events.

Finally, via a relation between Vizient and E2open (a network-based provider of cloud-based end-to-end supply chain management software), a resilience network platform is being established. The resilience network will help to establish cooperation between numerous parties and allow for insights into forecast, inventory availability, transportation and consumption of goods.

Vizient recently acquired Intalere from its parent company Intermountain Healthcare, which will lend it more power in the healthcare world, PYMNTS wrote in April.

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By acquiring Intalere, Vizient will be able to expand its reach and offer its services in more rural areas which it previously could not do.

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