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Vetster Unveils Digital Pet Pharmacy

Veterinary telehealth and pet care company Vetster on Tuesday (Aug. 24) announced the creation of VetsterRx Online Pharmacy, an online pet pharmacy with a veterinary telehealth platform that includes pet medication delivery service for U.S. customers, available online and through the mobile app.

About 40 percent of Vetster appointments have led to prescriptions for parasites, urinary tract infections, skin infections, eye care, pain or limping, and dental care that pet owners filled at outside pharmacies, which led the company to launch its own online pharmacy with almost 1,000 medications, supplements and pet products.

“The launch of VetsterRx makes Vetster a seamless end-to-end veterinary telehealth service,” said Mark Bordo, CEO and co-founder of Vetster, in the company announcement. “With just a few taps on their mobile phone, pet owners can find a licensed veterinarian, speak to that vet by video, phone or text, obtain a prescription and arrange to have that prescription shipped directly to their home. Convenience elevates pet care and gives pet owners peace of mind.”

Pet owners can book virtual vet appointments on or by downloading the mobile app in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

“Veterinary telemedicine is evolving with the needs of today’s modern pet owner,” said Dr. Sarah Machell, medical director, Vetster, in the company announcement. “As veterinary telehealth evolves to support improved access to veterinary care across the United States, platforms like Vetster can step forward to quickly meet new pet owner needs. VetsterRx is one more way we are committed to improving access to care with quality and convenience.”

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