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Trimble Partners With P&G to Revamp Transportation Sourcing

Trimble Transportation is collaborating with Procter & Gamble (P&G) to improve the transportation procurement process between shippers and carriers, according to a press release on Wednesday (Sept. 15).

By working together, the two companies are looking to develop a transportation procurement platform that will add to Trimble’s supply chain tools.

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James Langley, senior vice president of Trimble Transportation, said that the company will tap on P&G’s knowledge and boost the procurement process using technology.

“This effort extends Trimble’s commitment to create solutions that enable all stakeholders to work together more efficiently and effectively within a connected transportation supply chain,” Langley said.

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P&G will offer its expertise in the development of an adaptive platform, which aims to improve transportation capacity procurement, as well as the partnerships between shippers and carriers. The platform will also facilitate contracting and onboarding and speed up transactions for efficient freight transport.

“This collaboration empowers us to pair P&G’s industry intelligence with Trimble’s deep experience in transportation technology,” said Michelle Eggers, vice president of global logistics purchases at P&G. “Technology has the ability to transform and connect the supply chain as we know it today, leveraging smart solutions to create efficiencies and advance the North American transportation industry for everyone it serves.”

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Trimble Transportation is working to revamp the supply chain by connecting drivers, carriers, intermediaries and shippers across a single platform. The goal is to integrate data, improve procurement and use workflows to fully utilize resources.

The company offers enterprise transportation management system, asset maintenance solutions, driver mobility tools and routing and navigation capabilities to help its customers meet transportation challenges.

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