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Today In B2B Payments: EVO Eyes B2B Payments Data Integration; Circle Expands Treasury Crypto Operations

Today in B2B payments, EVO Payments discusses data integration’s role in B2B payments modernization, and Circle expands in Bermuda to help treasurers embrace cryptocurrency. Plus, Dinie discusses embedded small business finance, Portpro debuts a mobile app and VARStreet adds new services for B2B resellers.

Data Integration Takes B2B Payments Modernization to the Next Level

Embedded Finance Narrows the Gap Between Brazil’s Small Business and Capital

Bank branch deserts remain a headache for small businesses, and in Brazil, underbanked SMBs have created gaps in access to capital. But the answer isn’t necessarily building more bank branches. Dinie Co-founder and Chief Financial Officer Vinícius Cibim said that embedded finance can take a page from payments innovation’s playbook to finance firms with less risk.

Circle Announces New Details of Crypto-Driven Bermuda Expansion

Logistics Tech Firm Portpro Unveils Smartphone App

PortPro, which provides technology used in the drayage industry, announced a new mobile app that the company says will let clients run businesses using the company’s technology, but without the need to work through web interfaces. Drayage is the highly specialized work of moving containers among ships, rail cars and trucks. The app will first be available in the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, according to PortPro.

VARStreet Releases WorksLeader to Expand B2B Market Penetration

VARStreet has unveiled a product offering called WorksLeader that the company described as a subscription-based business management platform for value-added resellers. “Our continued success amidst the COVID-19 pandemic is a testament to the commitment we share with our customers,” VARStreet Director Shiv Agarwal said in a prepared statement. “Going into 2021, we have launched WorksLeader. It is an attempt to go global, empowering B2B resellers with the right technology to boost their efficiency.”

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