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Target-Owned Shipt Expands Same-Day Nationwide Delivery Service

Same-day grocery and retail delivery platform Shipt is launching its biggest expansion in three years, adding close to 1,000 store locations and widening its reach to include more than two million households.

Shipt Chief Operating Officer Bridget Fruit said that this expansion is a first-time effort for the company, which typically launches in one municipality at a time or adds a new merchant across the country.

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“… this exciting coast to coast expansion is unlike anything we’ve done before,” Fruit said in a press release on Thursday (Sept. 9).

Acquired by retail giant Target in 2017, Shipt launched its expansion plans by first collaborating with existing merchant partners to ascertain the best possible growth options. Some 25% of its partners will benefit from the new reach, including CVS, with 200 new locations, Bed Bath & Beyond, Party City, and newcomer GNC with 50 additional stores.

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The expansion is also giving some 40 Shipt retail partners the ability to score new customers. Businesses in Atlanta; Charlotte, North Carolina; Cincinnati; Los Angeles; Seattle and Indianapolis will reap the biggest gains, either by the number of new stores or customer reach, according to the release.

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“This expansion recognizes the importance of same-day delivery in people’s lives,” said Fruit. “We’re growing strategically and intentionally with a commitment to provide our customers with even more places to shop, retailers with the opportunity to reach new customers and Shipt shoppers with even more flexible earning potential than ever before.”

Shipt is available to 80% of households in over 5,000 U.S. cities and offers a curated selection of varied retailers, including groceries, household staples, wellness products, office supplies and pet necessities.

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Target, Shipt is headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, and also has an office in Silicon Valley.

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