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Supply Chain Visibility Platform FourKites Intros New Time to Value Tools

Supply chain visibility startup FourKites is launching new capabilities intended to help shippers, carriers and forwarders quickly communicate for improved customer satisfaction, according to a press release on Wednesday (Sept. 1).

“As the first mover and leading innovator in real-time visibility and supply chain management solutions, FourKites is committed to helping shippers, forwarders and carriers achieve end-to-end supply chain visibility faster, and with assurances of the highest-quality tracking in the industry,” FourKites Founder and CEO Mathew Elenjickal stated.

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Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, and launched in 2014, the company strives to reduce supply chain costs while at the same time tracking millions of shipments daily and boosting on-time delivery rates. As demand has escalated, supply chain visibility is the new “table stakes” for supply chains today, which means that carriers and shippers must communicate quickly and easily.

FourKites offers a combination of tools that ensure fast connections to carriers, along with other functions, including collaboration, real-time logistics and more, all to bring about faster time to value (TTV).

Cardinal Health Vice President of Global Logistics Josh Dolan said that the health care services company works with numerous carriers “from the courier side to the truckload side.” But as far as onboarding goes, FourKites has been first-rate.

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“They’ve done a phenomenal job working with carriers through the process and helping us fill the gap with new technologies that simplify and speed up onboarding, and enhance communication between Cardinal Health and our partners,” Dolan said.

Without leaving the FourKites platform, shippers can interact with forwarders and carriers and share information with supply chain partners while solving problems in real-time. The platform also offers track-and-trace and gives dispatchers, drivers, and warehouse workers the ability to see the data that could affect shipments and deliveries, according to the release.

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“Every day, our carriers automatically share location data with our FourKites platform on hundreds of loads throughout Europe,” Bayer Head of Distribution EMEA Edmund Jager said. “We are able to track our products minute by minute and, in real-time, pass on detailed arrival times to our customers.”

Jager added that this ability lets its distributors know what to expect regarding stock and helps end customers know they can get what they need.

FourKites visibility app for drivers, CarrierLink, includes enhanced turn-by-turn navigation for better route optimization, a mobile check-in feature and new capabilities like appointment updates, adding notes and a way to view fuel stops, weigh stations and more.

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