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Streaming App Provider Ranking Update Is a Cliffhanger This Month

In August, PYMNTS reported the following: “The largest share of U.S. cable or satellite TV users pays more than $100 per month for services,” compared to the average streaming consumer, who pays a mere $40 each month for those services.

Consumers’ appetites for streaming reportedly hit nearly $52 billion in 2020, with $86 billion coming into view by 2025. People love it. Those who recall “I want my MTV” understand the dynamic.

It’s reflected in PYMNTS’ latest Provider Ranking of Streaming Apps, where there has been a stream of changes since we met up a month ago for our previous watch party.

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A few of these are noteworthy changes, so get your snacks — and don’t talk during the show.

The Top Five

A meaningful tie occurs at No. 1 this cycle, as the Disney+ app rises two spots to join Netflix at the top of the charts. We see a clash of the titans forming — and possibly another remake.

YouTube keeps its cool at No. 2, on recent revelations that Google’s video platform has paid more than $30 billion to content creators in just the past three years.

A rising tide lifts all apps, as with Spotify: Music And Podcasts, rising one spot to dock at No. 3.

We’ve got a new tied score at No. 4 as well, as Amazon Prime Video moves up one chart position and the Pluto TV app not only rises two spots, but enters the top five. Welcome, Pluto.

Up two spots and breaking back into the top five at No. 5 is category innovator Hulu. They should make a limited series about their ranking adventures. We’d watch it.

That’s more streaming changes than you may have bargained for. It continues below the top five line in this rather intriguing update to the Provider Ranking of Streaming Apps.

The Top 10

Another gainer is Amazon Music at No. 6, also up two spots itself. Do we sense a pattern?

For those who underestimate the appeal of an app that dubs and distributes East Asian media and Japanese anime, look who is reentering the charts at No. 7: it’s Funimation.

And yet more gains as the Twitch: Live Game Streaming elevates two chart positions to take No. 8 this cycle. This app goes up and down, but never seems to exit the ranking.

Being different by not changing chart positions for this update, it’s the iHeart: Radio, Music, Podcasts app at No. 9. Sometimes you just want to see your station on the dial.

We close this update to PYMNTS’ Provider Ranking of Streaming Apps with a new entrant. It’s the Deezer: Music and Podcast Player entering the top 10 at No. 10. Well done, you.

Until next time, don’t sit so close to the screen(s).

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