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SimplyRFID Adds QuickBooks Integration

RFID technology firm SimplyRFID announced it now has the capability to integrate RFID with Intuit’s accounting software QuickBooks, a solution the company says will allow for one-click inventory management.

According to a company news release, users can make the integration happen simply by informing the SimplyRFID team that they want to use QuickBooks. From there, Pogi — the company’s inventory management server — will add a field where users can enter product names and exchange data between QuickBooks and the server.

The company says the integration works when the product name listed in Pogi lines up exactly with the name listed in QuickBooks. When the alignment is not there, QuickBooks will establish a new product with the name listed in the field.

“The dynamic relationship between Pogi and QuickBooks allows for seamless integration for our customers,” said Carl Brown, CEO of SimplyRFID. “This will provide QuickBooks users with capabilities that only RFID technology can deliver.”

SimplyRFID’s Pogi stores essential RFID (radio frequency identification) tag data for inventory management and visibility, the company said in the release. “Pogi optimizes data storage for RF solutions requiring high-volume transactional updates and real-time response.”

Users who wish to export from SimplyRFID Pogi need to navigate to “Select Reports” and then select “QuickBooks in Pogi.” From there, users can export their inventory. If they want to import in QuickBooks, users can navigate to “Select Settings” and select “Import.” Once there, they can choose “Products and Services” and click the Pogi Inventory CSV.

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As reported here, procurement software firm Ivalua added an inventory collaboration feature to its procure-to-pay offering.

The company said this offering will let procurement and supply chain professionals make better purchasing decisions and improve collaborations with vendors.

Ivalua says this tool helps clients by providing simpler and faster access to inventory levels. It also lets customers position stock to the appropriate storage location, such as stockroom, plant or warehouse.

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