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RoadSync, FYX Fleet Team to Streamline Roadside Assistance Payments

Logistics industry digital finance platform RoadSync is partnering with FYX Fleet, which works as a network for fleet roadside assistance, according to a press release.

RoadSync will be working to simplify payment acceptance for payers and merchants in roadside assistance transactions, and will help to continue streamlining things for trucking and logistics.

When FYX provides repair services, customers will now be able to pay FYX Fleet directly through the RoadSync solution, which will allow for invoices texted directly to the customer, who can then pay through any method, including debit, credit or check.

RoadSync has also added WEX EFS and Fleet One Cards to offer more ways to pay.

RoadSync will complete the transaction with the provider after customers have made the payment, making sure the funds are received quickly.

“Roadside assistance is a key component of the transportation industry and any efficiencies we can create at this point of the supply chain have a positive, compounding impact across the board,” says John Detlefsen, COO of FYX Fleet. “By helping our network process their payments quickly, we’re saving everyone time and money that were previously spent on cumbersome processes. We’re thrilled to begin this partnership with RoadSync and implement their innovative platform with our customers.”

“The logistics industry is historically burdened by manual processes, and it is our mission to change that,” said RoadSync CEO Robin Gregg. “By partnering with FYX Fleet, we’re able to continue delivering efficiencies that help get drivers back on the road to keep our economy moving.”

In other logistics news, TruckPay will begin allowing logistics pay with cryptocurrencies.

Read more: TruckPay Will Accept Crypto for Logistics Payments

Bitcoin, Ethereum and Stellar Lumens will be available as pay options through the company’s TruckPay Fleet Management and MyTruckScales platforms, according to the company. The reason for the change was the growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies in modern life and payments.

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