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Revolut Uses Bitcoin to Secure Its Largest US Office Space

U.K.-based financial super app Revolut is using bitcoin to pay for its space in Dallas, Texas, with flexible office provider WeWork. Revolut’s largest U.S. space so far, located at 6900 Dallas Parkway, will be the hub for Revolut’s American expansion efforts, according to a press release on Thursday (Sept. 16).

The space will be the workplace home to more than 300 Revolut employees as the company continues moving toward a flexible work environment. Revolut is WeWork’s first enterprise client to use bitcoin, or any type of cryptocurrency, for payment.

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Rhebecka D’Silva, Revolut’s global head of real estate, said that the startup aims to “push the boundaries of innovation,” which makes WeWork a good fit as Revolut continues expanding in the U.S. and around the world.

D’Silva added that WeWork gives Revolut the “flexibility to pay using cryptocurrency,” which is something “we vehemently believe in.”

Most of Revolut’s more than 2,000 employees have the option of dividing their work hours between home and the office. To foster that initiative, Revolut launched its RevLabs real estate concept to repurpose all its offices to become collaborative working environments. Revolut has spaces through WeWork in Berlin, Dallas, Dublin, Melbourne, Moscow, Singapore and New York.

Ron Oliveira, Revolut’s U.S. CEO, said that the company is steadfast in expanding across the U.S. and is looking to expand its Dallas offices into a technology hub.

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He added that since Revolut’s launch of its super app in March, the company has been “consistently refining our product to offer customers across the country greater visibility and control over their financial lives.”

RevLabs dedicates about 70% of its offices for collaboration, which includes “spaces for creative thinking, brainstorming, training and knowledge exchange.” There are also quiet areas and meeting rooms. The first RevLabs space was launched at WeWork, 222 Exhibition St., Melbourne, Australia.

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Nick Giraudeau, global head of financial services sales at WeWork, said that as Revolut’s “real estate partner,” it is focused on “supporting their new standard for the future of work” and believes in its employee-directed approach.

“Flexibility is essential for growing companies, and by supporting transactions in cryptocurrency, we can offer choice and convenience while supporting Revolut’s innovative business,” he said.

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