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Payroll App Ranking Proves The Unstoppable Nature Of Payday, Pandemic Or Not

Is the economy going to bust out all over? Will we return to lockdowns and the masses going around masked? Maybe. But it won’t matter much to the payroll department. They work no matter what — or else no one will work — and app technology is making their job a bit easier.

That’s the uplifting vibe we bring to this latest edition of PYMNTS’ Provider Ranking of Payroll Apps. Wish we could talk about the thrilling shifts in chart positions, the do-or-die struggle for prominence and dominance … but we really can’t.

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This ranking hasn’t so much as twitched since last month. That’s how solid payroll can be.

Don’t believe us? Then by all means read on and find out.

The Top Five

At No. 1 it’s Paychex Flex, billed as “an all-in-one HR solution that the user builds on as their business grows or changes.” That kind of utility will earn you the top spot, as we see.

The Paycor app remains at No. 2, having just raised $425.5 million in its July NASDAQ debut.

Imagine an “applause emoji” right here for Paycor.

Alliance MyPay is stationary at No. 3 with its many useful payroll features.

No. 4 goes once again to Square Payroll, whose parent company got into the buy now, pay later (BNPL) space in a big way. (We have a whole separate ranking dedicated to alt-credit.)

Finishing out the top five for another cycle is the app for Zenefits, a leading human resource information system (HRIS) platform. They’re focusing on SMBs in 2021, as are many firms.

The Top 10

Looking like it’s ready to break into the top five at any moment, we’ve got QuickBooks Payroll at No. 6 once more. QuickBooks has been busy lately, introducing new card readers for SMBs.

Looking strong at No. 7 it’s the TriNet app — here again, designed with SMBs in mind — as part of its “full-service HR solutions tailored by industry.”

At No. 8 for another cycle, we’ve got RUN Powered By ADP, billed as “a web-based payroll solution designed for…” (wait for it) “…small businesses.” Sensing a pattern?

Pulsating from its now-familiar No. 9 perch is the Rippling HR, payroll and benefits administration app, last seen where we last saw it — right here.

We know that the word “guru” “is a Sanskrit term for a mentor, guide, expert or master of certain knowledge or field,” because we just Googled it. Freshman Sanskrit 101 helped, too.

So, when we say the Payrollguru app is at No. 10 again, we mean in the world of payroll. Because if we learned anything from Freshman Sanskrit 101 and ‘The Matrix Trilogy,” it’s that there are no winners or losers. “There is no spoon.” We knew you’d understand. Instinctively.

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