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Parkopedia Partners With CarPay-Diem To Expand In-Car Payment Services

Drivers in Europe now have access to an integrated multi-domain payment platform for their in-car payment needs, following a deal between Parkopedia and fuel payment provider CarPay-Diem.

The partnership with the CarPay-Diem startup will give Parkopedia, a leading parking service provider, the opportunity to expand its in-car “pay-at-the-pump” connected vehicle fueling services in the region, adding 3,500 more stations across six countries — Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

The company has an ambitious plan to increase from 3,500 stations to more than 60,000 stations across 18 countries, tapping into existing partnerships as CarPay-Diem broadens its reach within Europe over the next three years.

“With CarPay-Diem’s impressive coverage of fueling stations in Europe and ambitious plans for expansion over the next three years, the partnership means we are now the largest facilitator of in-car fueling payments in Europe, with our coverage across all domains on the payment platform growing globally every day,” Parkopedia COO Hans Puvogel said in a press release announcing the partnership on Wednesday (Aug. 18).

Parkopedia boasts millions of users around the world. Its parking services are used by major global automakers including Audi, Apple, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen, among others.

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CarPay-Diem is also a leader in its own right, having recently passed one-and-a-half million fuel refills in its European base. Last year, the fleet and mobility arm of French payment solutions giant Edenred acquired a 10 percent stake in the company, a move that has strengthened CarPay-Diem’s position in the fuel ecosystem.

“Leveraging Parkopedia’s aggregation of vertical mobility services such as parking, tolling and charging through a unique payment experience, CarPay-Diem completes that offering thanks to our distinctive approach to serve those markets differently than competing pay-at-the-pump solution providers, and our ambition to become – together with our customers and partners – Europe’s largest and most diversified acceptance network,” said Philippe Meyer, chief customer officer at CarPay-Diem.

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