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New Shopping App Ranking Remains Resolute, Even as Change Rages Through Retail

Some people like to paint. Others enjoy mountain biking. Then, there’s the scuba crowd.

These are terrific ways to enjoy oneself, but for real relaxation, we prefer to write about app rankings. Don’t roll your eyes. We find it quite fun, and even therapeutic at times.

Take the Provider Ranking of Shopping Apps, for example.

This thing is so tranquil, so unwavering, it gives a sense of permanence in a world that changes entirely too fast. You may get that feeling in a forest. We get it right here, from these apps.

Before our relaxation becomes a trancelike state — and it will ­­­— we’d better do the rankings.

The Top Five

This changed, and so did that, and this app dropped 42 spots…

Nope. Not a drop of it. People are evidently locked into their favorite shopping apps, because we do almost 20 rankings each month, and almost none are as unflagging as this.

At No. 1 is that online shopping amazement, the SHEIN app.

PYMNTS recently reported on this phenom, noting that “the firm is known for exerting tight controls on its commerce process, with every element of its production chain — from prototype to procurement to manufacturing — under its direct supervision, highly digitized and carefully integrated. As a result, SHEIN is known for being able to push out hundreds of new products tailored to consumers’ needs in near-real-time.” Even so … amazing.

Still at No. 2 (and still wondering why they aren’t No. 1) is the Amazon app.

Almost by deductive reasoning, we know that No. 3 is Walmart, although thanks to the science behind our rankings, we needn’t deduce a thing. It’s methodological.

The AliExpress Shopping App is seated at its usual No. 4 table. No change here.

Nike likes it just fine at No. 5, so they’re staying at that rank for another month.

The Top 10

Last cycle, this ranking had at least one tied score in the bottom half of the top-ranked apps. This time around — no ties. Sounds like the dress code for a 90s-era meeting in Hollywood where people said things like “let’s do lunch” without a hint of irony.

The app holds its position at No. 6. No other takers could even tie.

Ready for one of just two changeups in this Provider Ranking of Shopping Apps? Here goes.

Moving up one chart position from last cycle to No. 7 is the Fetch Rewards app that rewards shoppers for scanning their receipts. Founder and CEO Wes Schroll told PYMNTS earlier this year that “[customer loyalty is now] about doing the right thing by them, making sure that your brand is associated with things the consumer finds valuable and important in their life.”

And that, friends, explains why this app continues to chart month after month.

We now return to our regularly scheduled program, where almost no apps want to move.

We say “almost” because at No. 8 we’ve got eBay, falling one spot after tying at No. 7 last cycle.

For you social commerce lovers, the Poshmark app holds tight at No. 9. It’s another example of a shopping app that never seems to get into that top five, yet also never drops from this ranking.

No assembly required for the IKEA app, capping the whole affair at No. 10. The company launched a furniture buyback program in August. Not clear if disassembly is required.

And there it is. Shopping apps ranked and rated. We can’t do your shopping for you — but when that app comes out, you can bet we’ll rank it. It’s what we do.

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