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New Coupon App Provider Ranking Proves Discounts And Deals Make Buying Better

The gamification of savings is a genuine breakthrough brought to us by apps, and there’s no better place to see the sweep of it than PYMNTS’ latest Provider Ranking of Coupon Apps.

We’re seeing some changes, which is to be expected in the digital couponing category at a time when people the world over are getting with post-pandemic financial realities and making every dollar they spend go further with the discounts this group affords.

In the spirit of saving time, let’s away to the ranking.

The Top 5

Groupon keeps its crown at No. 1 for another month, having introduced deep offer personalization a couple of months back. Must be popular to keep them on top.

Big news at No. 2 as the Ibotta app climbs one spot to get there. Could be its recent pact with Walmart on new digital offers at work.

Honey Smart Shopping Assistant drops a spot to alight at No. 3. Can’t be bad.

Tied at this chart position last month, the Flipp app holds firm at No. 4.

Because we all need our meds, and because those meds are pricy, the GoodRX app keeps its spot at No. 5 and closes out our Top 5.

The Top 10

Always things happening is the second half of the top 10, and this one is no different.

Dropping out of the Top 5 to No. 6 is the GasBuddy app, which topped 1 million users back in Q1 and rose through the Provider Ranking of Coupon Apps as gas prices edged up this year.

Japan-based Rakuten continues its journey up and down this ranking also, falling a spot to No, 7 this month after being tied at No. 6 in the last cycle. Back in March Rakuten got a $2.2 billion cash injection from investors including Walmart, Tencent and Japan Post.

The Shopkick app is down one chart position, now occupying the No. 8 spot.

Coupon aggregator app RetailMeNot is a regular in these rankings, so it can take a tumble of three chart positions, as in this current ranking, to land at No. 9 this cycle.

Taking us out at No. 10 this cycle it’s the Receipt Hog app. Staying in the Top 10 is an accomplishment, and we congratulate all who made the cut.

Until next time, remember: If you’re going to spend anyway use a coupon app and save too.

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