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New Amazon Website Blasts Antitrust Laws

Amazon launched a website on Friday (Aug. 20) designed to get sellers on its side in its battle against proposed antitrust legislation.

As CNBC reported, the site lets sellers sign up to get information from the retail giant’s public policy team about the legislation, which is aimed at curtailing the power of Amazon and other Big Tech companies.

“We look forward to keeping you informed as we get more information about what this legislation could mean for you and providing you the opportunity to have your voice heard,” the website stated. “We will also share ways we can work together to ensure Amazon remains a great place for our seller community.”

An Amazon spokesperson confirmed the authenticity of the website and told CNBC it was created in response to questions from sellers about the bills.

Among the most far-reaching bills is the Ending Platform Monopolies Act, which would allow federal regulators to sue to break up companies that either run a dominant platform or have businesses that represent obvious conflicts of interest.

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The website was launched just days after Amazon reportedly began sending warning emails to third-party retailers about the legislation. The company has also been offering sellers phone consultations, the CNBC report said.

“We’re reaching out to a small group of our sellers to make them aware of a package of legislative proposals, currently in Congress, that is aimed at regulating Amazon and other large technology companies,” the email said. “It is early in the process and the bills are subject to change, but we are concerned that they could potentially have significant negative effects on small and medium-sized businesses like yours that sell in our store.”

The legislation, which was passed by the House Judiciary Committee in June, comes at a time when lawmakers and regulators around the world are taking steps to reduce some of the power held by Amazon, Apple and other tech giants. A bill introduced by Senators Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn), Marcia Blackburn (R-TN) and Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) would allow app developers to use third-party payment services.

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