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New Aggregator App Ranking Shows The Usual Names And Some Unusual Movement

A leaked memo from a secret source from the future we call “Deep Dish” reveals that the omega variant of 2093 will cause people to grow two heads. Both will enjoy eating immensely.

Always a silver lining here at PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Aggregator Apps.

In all seriousness, we’re not out of the pandemic woods yet. If that means we get to stay home a bit longer and order more delicious meals to our front door using handy apps, so be it.

To that end, we’ll keep on happily racking and ranking aggregator apps until someone tells us to stop. That’s unlikely given the popularity of these rankings, so best to simply get on with it.

The Top 5

If you’re looking for changes in the Top 5, you’ll be disappointed. This group of apps has shown remarkable resilience, barely giving an inch over months of measurement. Check it out.

Well-done at No. 1 is DoorDash, now investing in Berlin-based grocery delivery app Gorillas.

Under is Uber Eats at No. 2, also expanding into grocery delivery.

At No. 3, Deliveroo is getting a piece of the grocery action too by positioning itself as customers’ go-to option for last-minute “spontaneous” grocery purchases.

Seeing a grocery pattern?

Grubhub hold down its No. 4 spot for another cycle. They just partnered with Olo, an on-demand commerce platform for the restaurant sector.

Closing out the Top 5 at No. 5 it remains U.K.-based Just Eat, which ate Grubhub in June.

The Top 10

Miles to go yet. Try to keep up. Or maybe that’s an exaggeration. If you recall last month’s Provider Ranking of Aggregator Apps, it was knotted in tied scores. Now, not a one.

We’ve still got the Instacart app at No. 6, the new head of which is former Facebook advertising executive Carolyn Everson, joining as its new president and reporting to CEO Fidji Simo.

Falling a spot to No. 7 this month is India’s Zomato app, going gangbusters despite a lackluster Q1 earning report.

Ranking regular Glovo also drops a spot, down to No. 8, but this app never strays far.

Falling two chart positions since last cycle is another powerhouse aggregator app out of India, Swiggy. Give you one guess what they’re expanding into. Never mind. It’s grocery, of course.

Skip to No. 10 and you’ll find Canada’s SkipTheDishes app, also dropping two chart positions since last time, but staying in the Top 10 for another cycle.

It’s called “resilience.” Do they deliver that?

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