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Many Streaming Apps Changing Channels in Latest Provider Ranking

There’s no business like show business. Just ask the multitude of streaming apps streaming into TVs and smartphones the world over, especially since staying home became the national pastime in early 2020. Sometimes it feels like you’ve seen it all, but you haven’t.

Exhibit A is this new Provider Ranking of Streaming Apps, the likes of which we haven’t seen in a while. The tied scores are all gone. Some name-brand apps have toppled from lofty positions, while others have risen in the rankings.

Like we said, you haven’t “seen it all” until you’ve seen this new ranking, and cogitated on what it means to the pecking order of the streaming apps that keep us endlessly entertained.

Flip on the ranking viewer and let’s catch up on the latest episode.

The Top Five

There’s a new name at No. 1, and it’s Google’s YouTube. Nicely done, calmly and quietly climbing the charts as it did, although not the most shocking ascent. It is YouTube, after all.

Breaking up a tie at No. 1 last month and dropping a spot is Netflix, taking No. 2.

Somewhat more striking is the Disney+ app, dropping two chart positions to No. 3.

Down one spot is Spotify: Music and Podcasts to No. 4 this cycle. Way to drop a beat.

As goes one, so go others. That’s the case this month with the Amazon Prime Video app, down one spot from the last cycle and taking No. 5 in the top five, where top performers congregate.

The Top 10

For the Pluto TV app, an elliptical orbit takes it out of the top five, where it circled last month, to the No. 6 chart position this go around. Imagine a witty astronomy joke (until we think of one).

Falling two spots from last month is the Hulu app, for now occupying No. 7 in the PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Streaming Apps.

Likewise, fans of Amazon Music need to look two spots below its last known position to find the popular music service, sitting at No. 8 this cycle.

Ranking regular Funimation makes the cut again, falling two chart positions (like almost everyone else seems to have done) to land at No. 9 this cycle. It never fails to chart, though.

Speaking of apps that never fail to chart, we’ve got Twitch: Live Game Streaming tumbling what for this ranking is the required two chart positions downward, taking No. 10 this time.

We don’t decide the scores and ranks. It’s all a matter of preference. That’s entertainment.

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