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Lufthansa to Add More Flights for Business Travelers

Lufthansa is bolstering its number of flights as well as its catering capabilities to try and garner more respect, a Reuters report says.

Lufthansa has recently fallen on hard times, like many other airlines which took a hit in the wake of the pandemic. The airline reportedly has been carrying around 50 percent of the passengers it had been in 2019 before the pandemic hit.

The airline has also been flying to around 88 percent of pre-pandemic destinations.

Christina Foerster, Lufthansa board member for Customer, IT & Corporate Responsibility, said Lufthansa would be adding a new midday flight for routes that have become especially popular.

“Daily frequencies will increase on many connections,” she told the Funke media group on Sunday. “This is important for business travelers who want to fly there and back on the same day.”

Foerster also reportedly said there would also be new menus which combine German cuisine with international influences, Reuters writes, which will be introduced as of Sept. 1.

In March, Lufthansa made another overture to fliers by expanding the “pay as you fly” program and letting it apply to its subsidiaries, Swiss, Austrian and Brussels Airlines.

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“Pay as you Fly” is a B2B affiliated program that works with business travelers and has been available for years — it’s not a new program. The program was aimed at larger customers and was not worthwhile just for them, so the company is now broadening it to apply to the cheaper classes.

The company said the program also now encompasses current Flex tariff offers, including the use of the fast lane and preferential booking.

But European flights, on the contrary, have been rebounding back from the effects of the pandemic thus far. Flights as of mid-August were 27 percent down from the same week in 2019, which was the smallest change since March 2020.

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