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Let The Healing Begin With The Latest PYMNTS Provider Ranking Of Telemedicine Apps

By some estimates, the telehealth sector will be doing around $300 billion annually within the next five years, give or take. Prognostications vary but suffice to say ­— it’s getting big.

That’s a tonic to investors, no doubt, and a comfort to the millions of people who went from having no idea what telehealth was to seeing their doctor on screen regularly since 2020.

The PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Telemedicine Apps, updated monthly, asks doctoring apps to say “ah” and tell us about their downloads and metrics, enabling us to rank things scientifically.

It’s not exactly the Hippocratic Oath, but then, what is? Medicine is an art too, you know.

Now, like a good doctor, we’ll give it to you straight: there are changes in the new ranking.

Prepare yourself.

The Top 5

All that drama, only to start out with absolutely no one moving in the Top 5.

Still operating at No. 1 it’s MyTeleMed, with Teladoc right behind at No. 2.

The Doctor On Demand app continues to hang its shingle at No. 3.

So, too, for K Health | Primary Care, as it’s virtual office at No. 4 remains open for business.

Bringing things down to earth with a healthy attitude it’s the BetterHelp: Online Counseling & Therapy app, easily holding onto its No. 5 chart position, and closing out the Top 5.

That wasn’t so bad now, was it? Don’t relax just yet. There’s something more.

The Top 10

Things go a bit bonkers below the Top 5 line this month as several telemedicine apps trade places — or perhaps drop out — but that’s the competitive nature of digital recuperation.

Canada called in sick recently, or so it seems, as the Maple — 24/7 Online Doctors app takes a vertical leap up three chart positions to take No. 6.

Falling a spot since last cycle to No. 7 it’s InTouch Patient for those favoring Android devices.

Going nowhere (and totally OK with that, we presume) is the LiveHealth Online Mobile app, which keeps its No. 8 chart position for another month. All physicians like a good outcome.

Whereas we had that big gainer to kick off this section, at No. 9 this month is MDLIVE, dropping three spots in a month. Maybe it’s because they’re doing a great job, and users just feel good.

We’ll also take an optimistic view of the Vsee Clinic For Patient app, also plummeting three chart positions for what may be a brief residency at No. 10. They are a ranking regular, so next month anything could happen (and often does).

That’s it for this Provider Ranking of Telemedicine Apps.

A word of advice: see a video doc soon about that thing you’re ignoring.

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