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Lenovo Uses Behalf to Offer Financing for B2B Customers

Computer-maker Lenovo has joined forces with the B2B financing firm Behalf to offer “flexible and extended financing” to its business customers.

“With Behalf, businesses can now finance and pay for their Lenovo purchases on a schedule that works for them, either monthly or weekly,” the two companies said in a news release on Tuesday (Sept. 28).

According to the companies, Behalf’s in-purchase financing offers the benefits of the consumer-focused buy now, pay later (BNPL) system, but tailored to B2B relationships.

“Small and medium-sized organizations are the foundation of our business, and we want to make it as easy as possible for them to buy from Lenovo,” said Carlo Savino, vice president of eCommerce (NA and LA). “Behalf’s In-Purchase Financing Solution enables those businesses to acquire the important equipment and resources they need today to fuel the growth of their businesses, while at the same time giving them the ability to protect their cash flow for ongoing business needs.”

The companies say the financing program will provide businesses with a number of benefits, including seamless online checkout, easy integration with Lenovo’s POS systems, and financing for transactions of substantially higher average order value compared to consumer financing offerings. In addition, Behalf’s sales and marketing departments will assist Lenovo with sales and operation training, while also sharing best practices for leveraging different finance options to increase sales.

“Lenovo wants to offer its business customers a buying experience that is as easy as what they see in their daily lives as consumers,” said Behalf CEO Rob Rosenblatt. “With Behalf, Lenovo can offer flexible financing programs and receive payment upfront, without the need to take on any of the financing risk. At the same time, their business customers benefit from access to flexible financing to increase their buying power and gain greater control over their cash flow.”

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Lenovo previously partnered with Digital River and TreviPay on a payment solution designed to boost frictionless B2B commerce, allowing users to get an extension on net terms and invoicing at Lenovo store checkouts.

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