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Latest Gig Economy App Ranking Sorts Out The World Of Scalable Side-Hustles

Are “gig” delivery drivers contractors or employees? Depends on where you ask that question, and to whom. PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Gig Economy Apps doesn’t grapple with such matters. This is more like the “Indie” 500 — a thrill ride of FinTechs helping independent-minded people find work and get paid faster, no matter their official status.

And thrilling it is, especially in rankings where we have pole positions changing, high-speed maneuvering for position, all to get that thing/food/stuff you ordered arriving at your door.

If that’s not thrilling as all get-out, you might be in the wrong racket. Let’s assume you’re in the right place, wave the solid green flag, and get these ranking racecars revving.

The Top 5

To dispense with the easy bit, the top three are still the top three.

They would be DoorDash at No. 1, Uber Driver at No. 2 (and doing all kinds of partnership deals of late), and completing the topmost trio it’s Instacart Shopper still at No. 3. The company got a new CEO in July, so we’ll see what a change of drivers might do in rankings to come.

We get a kick out of the fact that the Fiverr app is at No. 4 because numerical oddities are fun, and for no other reason. Fiverr at four? Get it? Anyone? Never mind.

Here’s big news this cycle. Muscling its way into the Top 5 at No. 5 is the Amazon Flex app. Is there anything that company doesn’t do, and do well? There was the much-hyped game “Crucible” launched in May 2020 — then killed a month later. Happens to the best of them.

Welcome to the Top 5. We’d offer a gift card, but they already have plenty.

The Top 10

If you recall the merry month of May, the Provider Ranking of Gig Economy Apps was all tied scores. In June, tied scores vanished like a gig worker quietly leaving your order at the door.

Now it’s July, summer is sizzling, and we have one tied score to share — but it’s a good one.

Lifting itself three chart positions in a single month it’s the Lyft Driver app, tied at No. 6 this cycle with the Upwork app, which drops a spot to share a ride with Lyft at No. 6 (for now).

Australian crowdsourcing app Freelancer holds firm for another month at No. 7.

Similarly, Grubhub for Drivers is stationary at No. 8, where it was last cycle. Consistency counts.

Another jumper-upper is the nimble TaskRabbit app, up one spot to No. 9 this time around.

Closing on a new name is always somehow exciting, so we leave you with the Snagajob app returning to the Top 10 at No. 10 after an absence and proving that there’s room at the top.

You just have to push someone up (or out) and voilà — just like that, you’re back in the game.

It’s like that in the Provider Ranking of Gig Economy Apps.

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