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Latest Fitness App Ranking Finds New Names Taking Victory Laps

Little late to be thinking about fitness apps for swimsuit season, you say?

You’ve come to the wrong place with that attitude, friend-o.

When it comes to PYMNTS’ Provider Ranking of Fitness Apps, it’s always three months before “the season” — and there’s never, ever a bad time to download a workout app and move that mess around. We’re talking about personal fitness here. It’s kind of important.

And because fitness should be taken seriously, we assiduously trace the peaks and valleys of various contenders in the fitness app race. They are also kind of important.

Warm up and prepare to feel the burn, because this ranking may surprise you. Just breathe.

The Top Five

Breaking the tie from the last cycle and new at No. 1, it’s the My Fitness Pal app, climbing up one chart position to take the lead. They stuck the landing. Nice.

Dropping one spot to No. 2 in the app world, it’s Planet Fitness Workouts. Thumbs up.

The Strava: Run, Ride, Swim also falls one spot to land at No. 2, also breaking a prior tie.

Changes to the latest ranking find Workouts by Muscle Booster falling one chart position to No. 4 this cycle, and keeping fit in the top five.

The big news for this Provider Ranking of Fitness Apps is Sweatcoin Walking Step Counter, stepping up four whole chart positions and flying from No. 9 last cycle to No. 5 now.

So that’s why they’re always saying walking is good. It clearly ranks. Welcome to the top five. Cocktails and mocktails are at 8:30 sharp, then we go through. Dinner is a protein smoothie.

The Top 10

The fires down below are burning, and the apps are churning.

Dropping two spots to No. 6, it’s Fitness Coach & Diet: FitCoach. Keep an eye on this one.

Also falling two chart positions since last cycle, we’ve got the FitOn Workouts & Fitness Plans app at No. 7 this time out.

Making three apps in a row, and dropping two chart positions from last month, it’s Nike Training Club taking the No. 8 spot — for the moment, anyway. Nike is always full of surprises.

Faring slightly better (in that it dropped one spot instead of two), the Map My Run by Under Armour app takes the No. 9 chart position for this ranking.

Taking us out is the Runkeeper — GPS Running Tracker app at No. 10, down a dizzying three spots — and yet sticking to the top 10, as it’s done for many consecutive months.

See that? Workout apps work. Told you. Now, about that inappropriate swimsuit…

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