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Latest Credit Card App Ranking, While Calm and Collected, Requires Some Explaining

Back in May, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York told of a “confounding” slide in credit card debt amid increased spending. Yet the darling buds of May foretell growth — springtime and all that, don’t you know — and it’s been a growing season for credit cards. (Flowers, too.)

PYMNTS’ new Provider Rankings of Credit Card Apps is neither fragrant with surprises nor completely lacking, giving us a final opportunity to torture the “May” metaphor. We’ll resist.

Despite some chart positions seemingly chiseled in stone here, there’s more to this ranking than stability — one could even mistake it for inertia. It’s not. We just have to dig deeper.

Invoking the Bard irritatingly again, you’re invited to “gather and surmise” the rankings.

The Top Five

From the very top, it remains Capital One at No. 1, with Chase Mobile still at No. 2.

It’s the No. 3 spot that’s changed hands again, with the same two players trading places, as Bank of America Mobile Banking takes No. 3 again after being pushed out last cycle by the Wells Fargo Mobile app, which is now at No. 4. Anyone taking odds on whether they’ll switch again next month?

Unmoved at No. 5 is the Credit One Bank Mobile app, closing out the top five nice and easy.

The Top 10

The quietude continues in the lower reaches of the Provider Rankings of Credit Card Apps, as the Discover Mobile app keeps its seat at No. 6 without any fuss.

Keeping its composure at No. 7 for another cycle is the estimable American Express, which announced new business card perks in July for its Blue Business Plus Credit Card.

Congrats to the PREMIER Credit Card app, rising a spot to No. 8 this month. It’s one to watch.

Even bigger congrats go to the Mission Lane app, from the eponymous FinTech, entering the top 10 at No. 9 “with a bullet,” as Billboard is fond of saying about rising chart-makers.

We weren’t expecting a tied score to close out this ranking, but it’s why we do rankings. The Cards — Mobile Wallet stuck to its No. 10 spot from last cycle, but will split the cable and internet bill this month with ranking repeater MySynchrony, which drops two spots since last month but is scoring sufficiently to stay in the charts.

Real professionals make hard app work look easy, so three cheers for our chart-makers.

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