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Kohl’s Expands Augmented Reality Offering for eCommerce

Augmented reality (AR) technology provider Nextech AR Solutions Corp. announced on Tuesday (Aug. 31) that it has expanded its partnership with department store chain Kohl’s to include more AR capabilities within the eCommerce segment of the business.

Kohl’s and Nextech said they will “significantly” scale the technology to create “thousands of new 3-D models that will enhance the augmented reality experience for Kohl’s customers.”

Nextech’s 3D WebAR for eCommerce solutions allow Kohl’s customers to “review products dynamically within any desired backdrop,” according to the joint announcement.

“When 3-D eCommerce solutions are done right, the results can be incredibly rewarding, not only financially, but also the joy of seeing your product used by millions of customers practically overnight,” said Nima Sarshar, chief technology officer of Nextech and founder of “Our ability to use our AI pipeline to create 3-D models at scale is a real value proposition for large retailers like Kohl’s.”

As part of this partnership, Kohl’s 3-D models will appear in organic Google search results, allowing shoppers to dynamically interact with and review the company’s products.

“Kohl’s is an example of a large retailer that quickly recognized the potential for WebAR to enhance its online business,” said Evan Gappelberg, CEO of Nextech, in the announcement. “Augmented reality in eCommerce can not only drive sales, but reduce customer returns as the buyer feels a higher level of product familiarity before placing the order, the latter being a key point for many eCommerce customers.

“By combining Threedy’s disruptive AI technology and our leading AR platform, large retailers like Kohl’s can reach the necessary scale critical to support their eCommerce businesses,” he added.

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Kohl’s is not the only retailer to realize the power of augmented reality in boosting sales. Beauty tech solutions provider Perfect Corp. announced a partnership with more than 400,000 Avon representatives across Mexico earlier this month that will integrate AR and artificial intelligence through Agile Face facial analysis technology in its YouCam Makeup app, allowing it to identify facial features and then recommend beauty products, hair colors and makeup styles.

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