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Insurance App Provider Ranking Underwrites Risk With Computational Aplomb

We simply adore reading futuristic accounts of how insurance and its adjacent industries will work “someday.” A self-flying jetcar arrives, an embedded insurance offer pops into your optical smart-brain implant, and at the speed of thought you are whisked away in safety.

From what we’ve seen in TV there’s also a lot of zombies in the future. All the more reason to insure, we say, and there are never too good nor too many reasons to do that.

It’s why we ardently produce PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Insurance Apps. Around here the future is now, automated conveyances notwithstanding, and with zombies into the bargain.

This is another one of those tie-happy rankings, and by that we don’t mean it enjoys the disappearing behavior of tying a piece of patterned cloth tightly around one’s own neck for fashion’s sake. We’ve evolved, and so have these rankings. A little. OK, not that much.

See for yourself.

The Top 5

For the record, these insurance apps have unheard of staying power. They hate to move.

At No. 1 and No. 1, respectively, our first tied score still pits the Geico app against the Progressive app in a celebrity cage-match that has no resolution in sight.

Another major not-changer is No. 2 State Farm, now deploying Fiserv digital payout tech to offer speed and flexibility in auto and fire claim payments. Faster is quantifiably better.

Next up in another dead heat it’s Allstate Mobile staring down USAA Mobile at No. 3.

The Jerry: Car Insurance sticks at No. 4 after an impressive climb up the charts.

Wrapping the Top 5 it’s still Liberty Mutual Mobile as digital gateway to better insurance.

Didn’t we say “not that much” before you even read it? Try this next batch of apps if you’re looking for hidden easter eggs among in ranks of mighty mobile insurance brands.

The Top 10

At No. 6 for another cycle, it’s the zesty Lemonade Insurance app, insuring everything from your condo to your cat.

What’s this? Something changed? Why didn’t you fire the flare gun?

The Cover — Insurance in a Snap snaps its fingers and elevates two chart positions since last month to take No. 7. Nice for them.

We know how much you like tied scores, so here’s one more. Do not ask again.

At No. 8 we still find Esurance Mobile pitted against Farmers Insurance Mobile, which is the exact same place we left them last month. Insurance doesn’t hurry things too much.

Good thing it has a Mary Poppins kind of umbrella as a logo, with Travelers Mobile floating down two spots to No. 9 in this latest Provider Ranking of Insurance Apps.

We kept this one from you until now — no hints or foretelling — and we’re sorry. But you must leave something to the imagination, and so we saved something special.

New to the ranking this month it’s the Safeco Mobile app, entering the Top 10 at No. 10.

Hey, No. 10 is where the Prime Minister of the U.K. lives. We can hang with that.

Until we meet again in approximately four weeks, pay your premiums.

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