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Domino’s: Big Pizza Chains Are Thriving, Indie Struggling

It is a good time to be a major multinational pizza chain — not as great a time to be a small, independent pizzeria. Domino’s Pizza, the world’s largest pizza chain (by sales) with 18,000-plus stores in 90 countries, announced Thursday (July 22) that same-store sales grew 3.5 percent during  the second quarter of 2021. This marks 41 consecutive quarters of overall same-store sales increases for the chain, and 110 of international increases, amid industry-wide sales growth. Reports show that the global pizza market is growing almost 7 percent each year, and Domino’s sees the bulk of this growth going to the major international players in the space.

“Some of the indications that we have now are that the larger chains are driving most of the growth in the pizza category right now, with independents more flat to down,” Domino’s CEO Ritch Allison said on a call with analysts. “So, best we can tell, [it’s a] growing market with share being gained by the larger chains.”

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