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Data Brief: Half of Consumers Making More BNGL Transactions Than Last Year 

The convergence between brick-and-mortar commerce, digital payments and flexible pickup continues.

As detailed in the How We Shop report, done jointly between PYMNTS and Fiserv, more than 5,200 consumers weighed in on how they navigate among and prefer a range of buy now, pick up (now, later, etc.) options.

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And as the data show, as many as 50% of consumers have been making more buy now, get later purchases than they had been as recently as March 2020. About 42% of respondents would buy more from stores if they could pick up via curbside.  More than half of the consumers have been making buy now, get now purchases via delivery aggregators.

As to buying online: Drilling down into demographics, we see just how widespread the Amazon effect has been. As many as 85% of Boomers have used the platform – which scales to more than 90% of younger generations.

And beyond simply shopping online, we see that a significant percentage of consumers have been making the leap to more frequent buy now, get now and buy now, get later purchases. Most demographics have boosted those activities by more than 50% – Boomers were the only cohort that had not ramped up those purchases.

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