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Data Brief: 49 Pct Of Consumers Say Selfie IDs Boost Trust In Providers 

As consumers continue to embrace digital channels to get things done – and certainly to transact online – they want to be able to protect themselves and their accounts. The selfie-based ID is one way to help bolster defenses against fraudsters.

In the recent report titled “Selfie ID: Consumers and the Use of Facial Biometrics to Secure Digital Commerce,” a survey of a census-balanced panel of more than 2,500 consumers found that security and privacy protection are critical when cementing consumers’ trust and brand loyalty.

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Biometrics and the ubiquitous mobile phone have been coming together, paving the way for businesses to use selfies and official, photo-based IDs to check that someone is who they say they are.

As many as 40 percent of consumers have said they are concerned about the security of online accounts, stretching across social media, marketplaces and gaming sites.

Millennials and bridge millennials are among the cohorts most concerned, as roughly half of these groups say they are “very” or “extremely” concerned about their security across each type of digital account.

Drilling down a bit, those who have actually used selfies in the service of authentication and verification report satisfaction with the method. More than 58 percent of respondents said the process was “easy to do,” and just under half of the individuals stated that using this method of ID verification increased the level of trust in the services provider.

And overall, more than a third of individuals state that they would embrace selfie IDs in the pursuit of better data security; roughly that same amount would do so for better fraud protection. Similar percentages of those sampled said that their willingness to use selfie IDs would be tied to coupons or discounts.

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