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Cryptocurrency App Provider Ranking Race Tightens as Positions Solidify

As the payments universe decides whether cryptocurrencies are more of an investment, a currency or possibly a bit of both, people are buying it up like mad just the same.

If not, how else could we bring you the Provider Ranking of Cryptocurrency Apps each month?

Worth noting is that buy now, pay later (BNPL) giant Afterpay (found in a different ranking altogether) recently told the Australian Senate that crypto use can save merchant fees linked to digital payments, spurring that government to create a framework for an AUD-backed stablecoin.

Just goes to show that crypto is creeping into everything, seemingly everywhere. That’s kind of the idea, and this latest ranking proves the race is on to reign the blockchain.

Tear yourself away from whatever you’re doing for something really important: this ranking.

The Top Five

We can dispense with the very top apps in the same economical fashion established in the last few crypto rankings, as the three-way tie for No. 1 continues between the same seemingly entrenched brands.

At No. 1 across the board, it’s still Binance going head-to-head with Coinbase going up against, each with a perfect 100 score. We’d be impressed, but it’s not journalistic.

Evidence of the changes seen in this latest ranking start with the Voyager app, moving up a spot to take No. 2.

Moving down a spot this month to No. 3, it’s Blockchain Wallet.

We’ve got Gemini rising one chart position to take No. 4, and no doubt doubly happy about it.

Dropping one spot but staying in the top five at No. 5 this cycle is the KuCoin app.

That’s the top five. Now we see the field of apps aspiring to rise above that magical line.

The Top 10

Good for the Huobi app, notching up a spot since last month to take No. 6.

Right next door is the BlockFi app, falling one chart position to claim No. 7 this cycle.

Another crypto-tie forms at No. 8. This one finds the Kraken Pro staying put (it was solo at this position last month), now being joined by BitMart, which falls one spot in the process.

Down two chart positions from last month to take No. 9 in this update is the CEX.IO app.

No more ties for this Provider Ranking of Cryptocurrency Apps, as the OKEx app takes No. 10 all to itself.

That’s that, as they say. Now go buy some crypto … and then spend it. Or not. We haven’t decided.

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