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Credit Card App Ranking Update Doesn’t Want to Alarm Anyone

It’s been a busy first half for mobile card apps, as they add features and rack up downloads for a population that’s cracking the code on paying for stuff with their smartphones.

That brings us to the latest update of PYMNTS’ Provider Ranking of Credit Card Apps.

Some rankings are quite changeable, while others tend to settle into a groove. This ranking is of the latter variety, with nary an app changing places since last we met here.

Let’s see what’s transpired.

The Top Five

At No. 1 it’s Capital One, giving an alliterative start to a calm ranking.

With no one in hot pursuit, it’s Chase Mobile at No. 2 for another month.

Holding onto its gain from the last cycle, we’ve got Bank of America Mobile Banking at No. 3.

Wells Fargo Mobile keeps its No. 4 real estate, after deciding not to exit personal credit lines.

Looking alive at No. 5, it was and still is the Credit One Bank Mobile app.

That was easy. Now let’s have a look below.

The Top 10

Liking the view from No. 6, the Discover Mobile app stays at that chart position.

The same can be said for the American Express app, holding court at No. 7 for another cycle.

Finally, something different. It’s ranking regular MySynchrony, rising two spots since the last cycle to take No. 8 in one of only two changes this time out.

The other change is up next, with the PREMIER Credit Card app dropping a spot to occupy No. 9 on this new Provider Ranking of Credit Card Apps.

Keeping its grip on the No. 10 chart position for another month, we’ve got the Cards — Mobile Wallet app, which moves up and down, but never seems to stray from the top 10.

Way to be sticky, credit card app.

Until next time, dust off that digital wallet and go buy something nice. That’s what credit’s for.

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