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Chelsea Football Club Teams With Clover For Contactless Payments

England’s professional football team Chelsea Football Club is instituting contactless payments this season for food, drinks and merchandise via Fiserv’s Clover point-of-sale (POS) systems.

Chelsea Football — called soccer in the U.S. — is implementing the new payment system immediately, and ticket holders coming to the game at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday (Aug. 4) will be able to use the cashless, contactless payment system.

“With many payments within the Chelsea complex already made electronically, the move to a cashless environment reflects how people prefer to pay today,” John Gibbons, executive vice president and head of the Europe, Middle East and Asia branch at Fiserv, said in a press release. 

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“Clover is helping businesses reboot smarter, safer and stronger as it facilitates the digital and contactless payment options people will look for as they engage in daily activities post-pandemic,” Gibbons added.

Over 200 Clover POS and handheld Clover Flex devices will be available throughout the Chelsea Football Club stadium. The new system can be tapped for food and drinks, programs, museum entrances and stadium tours, according to the release.

Clover, a unit of Fiserv, offers an end-to-end platform for managers, owners and operators to manage their business. The Clover system includes data analysis, inventory control, loyalty incentive programs and extensive reporting capabilities.

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Across the map, Clover has an excess of two million devices in place that annually process over $180 billion in payments. Moreover, there are over 25 major stadiums and arenas that use Clover for payments — Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Citi Field in Queens, New York; CenturyLink Field in Seattle, Washington; Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia; and Clover Park in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

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Fiserv trades on NASDAQ under the ticker FISV and is striving to improve the way money and information is moved around the world. The FinTech firm said that it is committed to staying ahead of the latest technology around digital banking solutions — account processing, card issuer processing, network services and more, per the release. 

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