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Chaser Lets Firms Conduct Credit Checks With New Feature

Chaser has launched a credit checking feature that helps businesses learn more about their customer payment behaviors, the U.K.-based accounts receivable automation software firm said.

Rolled out Tuesday (Aug. 3), the tool is designed to help companies make more informed decisions on who they do business with.

“Credit checking is one of the most important aspects in a credit control process,” Chaser said in a news release. “When onboarding new customers, having the right information at the right time makes the whole engagement more transparent and predictable. This sets up the customer relationship for success, where you can manage the risk from the start and then evaluate and monitor this over a period of time.”

Chaser says its credit reports include credit limits and history, financials, company structures and shareholder information. The company says it offers flexible packages that make its service available to businesses of all types and sizes.

“Credit checks should be part of a credit control process at every stage. If businesses let late payments slide, for example, collection problems could pop up much later,” said Sonia Dorais, CEO of Chaser. “For that reason, we believed enabling this feature directly from our application was essential to helping businesses optimise their credit control and get paid for their work.”

This rollout comes two months after Chaser released a payment plan functionality that lets users offer installment plans to their customers. The functionality allows users who are dealing with sizable invoices to split them into smaller and more manageable chunks.

“The pandemic and current global economy has made it increasingly difficult for businesses to pay each other,” Borais said at the time. “Our team felt that offering this functionality would help remove obstacles that might make paying businesses more difficult. By giving our customers the ability to offer payment plans, they are helping their own customers gain the ability to pay them back more easily.”

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