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CarMax Struggles With Shortages, Amazon Halo Triggers Connected Fitness Upheaval, The Social Commerce Quandary

Social commerce is good for brand recognition, but strains inventory levels. Plus, CarMax is fighting car shortages as more consumers explore online vehicle purchases, and Amazon’s plans to expand its Halo product line could lead to a major overhaul in the connected fitness space.



176%: Peloton’s growth in digital subscriptions in the past two months.

4%: Amazon’s overall share of the health and wellness market.

364,263: Number of cars CarMax purchased in 2021 Q2, up 59% YOY.

9%: Share of CarMax sales completed online in 2021 Q2, up from 3% in 2020.

28%: Portion of consumers aged 18-34 who made purchases on social media.

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