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Card-Based Payment Platform Provider MOCA Debuts Browser Extension Mia For Online Payments

Digital payment platform MOCA on Tuesday (Aug. 10) rolled out its online payment assistant browser extension, Mia.

The new tool can be downloaded for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer and makes online purchases with MOCA Cards more convenient for the 2.14 billion people expected to shop online this year, according to Statista. Users choose an existing card from the browser or can create one-time numbers through Mia to make online payments.

“Mia not only brings added convenience for cardholders and increased wallet share for banks and credit unions, but it brings an extra layer of security that consumers so desperately need,” John Burns, CEO of MOCA, said. “We want to ensure that each cardholder has the tools they need to keep their money and their information safe, and Mia helps do that when they shop online.”

Related: 28M US Consumers Without Digital Cards Are Interested In Them

According to the August 2021 study “Digital Card Usage: A Path Forward,” a PYMNTS and IDEMIA collaboration that surveyed a panel of almost 2,250 U.S. consumers in Q2 of 2021, 41 percent of U.S. consumers have a credit or debit card in their digital wallets.

That includes mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay, mobile banking apps, retailers’ digital wallets or online pay buttons including Amazon Pay, PayPal and Click to Pay. Still, only 5 percent of those who don’t have digital cards are “very” or “extremely” interested in using them, according to the Digital Card Usage study.

About 11 percent of those who don’t have digital cards — approximately 27.5 Americans — are “somewhat” interested in using digital cards, the study says.

Almost half of consumers — 47 percent — are highly interested in using digital cards for their in-store payments in the next year; millennials lead the way in that category at 57 percent, compared to about 34 percent of baby boomers and senior citizens itching to use their digital cards in stores next time they shop.

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