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Carasoft, Coupa Partner on Spend Management for the Public Sector

Carahsoft Technology Corp. will be partnering with spend management company Coupa to boost the availability of spend management tech in the public sector, according to a press release Thursday (Sept. 23).

“With a significant opportunity in the public sector, building the right strategic partnerships to accelerate innovations, growth and customer value are key. We are excited to work with Carahsoft to accelerate the value that Coupa delivers in the public sector,” said Rob Glenn, executive vice president for global sales at Coupa.

Coupa’s services have been helping organizations add more control and visibility overspending, which can boost efficiency and cut risk. Coupa allows organizations to use a user interface for their transactional spend for things like procurement, invoicing, expense reporting and pay.

Coupa has been supporting more federal entities, including the U.S. Postal Service, this way.

Carahsoft manager Harjeet Khalsa, who leads the company’s relations with Coupa, has said spend management is “critical to improving procurement architecture and monitoring expenses is crucial to an agency’s success.”

“In order for agencies to effectively manage their spend, they must have full visibility over their transactional activities to maintain control of their purchases. We look forward to working with Coupa and our reseller partners to provide the public sector with a cloud-based all-in-one platform that enables agencies to better manage resources across regions, driving improved adherence to budgets.”

Coupa is also working with packaging solutions company Sonoco to boost Coupa Pay and virtual cards. Sonoco will be using those things to streamline its purchasing process across facilities while also adding transparency and cutting risk.

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“Coupa’s cutting-edge, fully unified solution provides our global company the speed and flexibility we need to pay suppliers while maintaining visibility into our transactions,” said Elizabeth Mozley, director, center of excellence and category management at Sonoco.

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