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Bitcoin Daily: El Salvador McDonald’s Locations Allow Crypto Payments; Zebedee Raises $11.5M; Grupo Elektra Adopts Bitcoin Payments

McDonald’s El Salvador will now be accepting bitcoin payments in partnership with bitcoin payment processor OpenNode, according to a press release.

Such payments will be enabled via the Bitcoin Lightning Network and available at all 19 El Salvador McDonald’s locations.

“We are incredibly excited to work with McDonald’s to help make adoption of the country’s Bitcoin Law an operational success,” said OpenNode Head of Growth Julie Landrum in the release. “It’s just a massive opportunity to demonstrate the power of the Lightning Network for everyday high volume, low value purchases at the most popular and successful fast-food chain in the world.”

In other news, Grupo Elektra, a Mexican retail and financial company, will soon start accepting payments in bitcoin, Cryptopolitan reported.

Grupo Elektra will also support the Bitcoin Lightning Network, which is “a layer two solution” ideal for micropayments, according to the report. It makes use of “bi-directional payment channels that are not settled on-chain in real time,” and it has gone a long way toward solving bitcoin’s scalability issues. It also lowers the barrier to mainstream acceptance for bitcoin.

Meanwhile, Zebedee, which offers bitcoin-based game payments, has raised $11.5 million, VentureBeat reported.

The funding will allow the company to boost the development of its tech and continue to onboard game developers, according to the report. It will also enable Zebedee to keep scaling compliance capabilities, letting developers continue working with play-to-earn ideas where players can earn cryptocurrencies as rewards for playing the games.

Zebedee’s technology lets programmable payments be added into games, and it allows for smaller transactions to power economies of virtual worlds, almost for free. It takes out big transaction fees for blockchain-based cryptocurrencies and allows for smaller transaction sizes.

Zebedee also runs on the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

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