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Bitcoin Daily: Crypto’s Dogecoin Foundation Re-Launches Itself; Alibaba, China’s Sichuan Gov’t Team Up For NFT Copyright Controls

The Dogecoin Foundation, which was created seven years ago, is re-launching itself “with a renewed focus on supporting the Dogecoin ecosystem, community and promoting the future of the Dogecoin blockchain,” the group wrote in a public announcement Tuesday (Aug. 17).

The announcement continued: “We are here to accelerate the development effort by supporting current Dogecoin core and future Dogecoin developers to work on a full-time basis through sponsorship, as well as providing a welcome landing for new contributors hoping to help with the project.”

Dogecoin rocketed to fame earlier this year when Tesla’s Elon Musk publicly embraced the cryptocurrency. Technology investor Mark Cuban earlier this week singled out Dogecoin for praise after the U.S. Senate at least temporarily passed on an opportunity to increase regulation of digital currencies.

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In its statement restating its intentions to protect Dogecoin from real or perceived threats, the foundation wrote that it “holds the Dogecoin mark and the Dogecoin logo and will maintain them for the community. This will mean the foundation can continue to protect the Dogecoin brand and allow (under a very liberal license) the ability to use it for Dogecoin-related memes, projects and fun.”

In other news, only a day or two ago, in a galaxy not at all far away, China’s giant Alibaba Group announced it would sell copyright access to “Star Wars”-related art and other pieces using a blockchain ledger run by the government of the Sichuan province, according to the South China Morning Post.

The “Star Wars” art and other pieces are being sold through the issue of nonfungible tokens (NFTs) via a service called Blockchain Digital Copyright and Asset Trade, the report stated. Purchasers will be able to view their holdings via WeChat.

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