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AWS Widens Availability Of Amazon HealthLake

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has revealed the “general availability” of Amazon HealthLake, a HIPAA-eligible offering that helps healthcare and life sciences entities take in, keep, search through and generate insights from large volumes of health data, according to a Thursday (July 15) announcement.

“More and more of our customers in the healthcare and life sciences space are looking to organize and make sense of their reams of data, but are finding this process challenging and cumbersome,” Swami Sivasubramanian, vice president of Amazon Machine Learning for AWS, said in the announcement. “We built Amazon HealthLake to remove this heavy lifting for healthcare organizations so they can transform health data in the cloud in minutes and begin analyzing that information securely at scale.”

Amazon HealthLake taps into machine learning models, which understand medical terms, to allow every bit of clinical information to be found and tagged. The technology then associates data with standardized labels like diagnoses, conditions and medications. As a result, the data can be queried and insights can be gleaned.

In addition, Amazon HealthLake indexes events, such as patient visits, into a timeline. This feature provides those who work in medicine with a chronological and overall look into the medical history of every patient. Clients can then use machine learning and analytics on top of the “normalized and structured data,” according to the announcement.

Amazon HealthLake is part of AWS for Health, which is an in-depth collection of AWS services and AWS Partner Network offerings used by healthcare and life sciences clients from around the world.

“Organizations such as healthcare systems, pharmaceutical companies, clinical researchers, health insurers and more can use Amazon HealthLake to help spot trends and anomalies in health data so they can make much more precise predictions about the progression of disease, the efficacy of clinical trials, the accuracy of insurance premiums and many other applications,” Amazon said in a press release announcing the rollout of Amazon HealthLake last December.

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