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AI Communication Startup Drips Grows Healthcare Presence

Drips, a conversational communications startup powered by artificial intelligence (AI), is growing its presence in the healthcare industry by forming strategic partnerships with top market leaders.

The founder of Conversational Texting said in a Tuesday (Aug. 17) press release that it recently teamed with some of the biggest healthcare payers, a notable durable medical equipment provider and a Fortune 500 healthcare service provider.

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“All of the verticals we support are important, but those in the healthcare industry, specifically, need to reach their members promptly to communicate important information that could impact people’s health and well-being,” said Drips CEO Aaron Christopher (A.C.) Evans. 

“Our clients can more effectively engage with their audience to provide critical updates on their insurance policies before they lapse, encourage members to enroll in care plans for chronic illnesses, schedule health risk assessments, and more,” Evans said in the release.

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As texting continues to gain popularity and adoption, SMS tech is branching into numerous new industries, including healthcare. The Drips AI-powered solution enables healthcare organizations to “hold two-way, humanized conversations at scale” while also expanding Medicare services, and closing both care and payment gaps. 

“One of the things that set Drips apart from other offerings in the market is our ability to capture intent,” said Evans. “When you ask questions in a human way, you end up getting human responses that give you valuable insight into your audience.” 

It’s the type of information being captured that is assisting businesses across all industries in upping their interaction and engagement levels with their customer base, Evans added.

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The company points to its Conversational Texting as a “forward-thinking” technology that gives healthcare professionals the intel they need to better meet their customers’ expectations. 

Drips has a track record of working with large insurance carriers and supports clients in numerous markets, including insurance for automotive, home, and life, financial services and more, according to the release. 

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