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52 Pct Of Consumers Made Retail Purchases Using Aggregators In 2020

Home is where the heart is – and increasingly, where the stuff is, brought to your doorstep by Uber drivers, folks on bikes, Amazon vans and even drones.

No matter how the handoff is done, more than ever, what we buy comes to the places where we reside. The channels through which we place those orders are varied.

“The Bring it to Me Economy” report, done in collaboration between PYMNTS and Carat from Fiserv, took the pulse of more than 5,200 consumers to gauge their online marketplace and delivery aggregator habits during the continued great digital shift.

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As many as 91 percent of consumers have made at least one purchase on Amazon in the past year; 70 percent have shopped on another digitally recognized marketplace. Roughly 52 percent have made purchases using delivery aggregators. Drilling down a bit, more than a third of respondents have reported that they have used Amazon more often than they had previously.

No surprise: What we buy online has been notable, and cuts across various demographics. About two-thirds of respondents reported buying more retail items online than they did prior to March 2020; 58 percent said the same when it came to ordering food, and a bit less than half have stepped up their use of online means to buy groceries. Diving into that sample, younger generations are seemingly most at home with using the internet to get what they want – Gen Z most visibly.

In fact, Gen Z seems to have made the leap most readily to shopping online, as more than 73 percent of that cohort are making more purchases online than they did previously; that was followed by millennials at about 66 percent. Boomers trailed at about 38 percent.

See more: New Study: Bring-It-To-Me Economy Ascends As Consumers Embrace Home-Centric Lifestyles

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